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Saudi Fal maintains a strong service organization to provide start-up,

SAUDI FAL, Established in 1985, is 100% Saudi owned Company, it is owned by the FAL Group, a multimillion Dollars holding group, it has established operating companies catering to a wide range of industries, not only in Saudi Arabia but also in other gulf regions, UK, Canada and USA. Saudi Fal Co. Ltd. is representing exclusively Emerson Automation Solutions products in Saudi Arabia. Emerson Representatives are the primary customer interface and are staffed by fully qualified and trained process control specialists and engineers.

Saudi Fal is located in the Eastern Province city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, situating it in the center of oil, gas and petrochemical areas like Jubail, Dhahran, Safanyah, Abqaiq, and Udhailiyah. The Saudi Fal premises occupy approximately eight hundred square meters, of which more than thirty percent is dedicated to Engineering Services.

Saudi Fal maintains a strong service organization to provide start-up, configuration, maintenance, trouble shooting and spares bank support for our customers and it has ability to handle Installation Commissioning, Maintenance, Engineering and LSTK jobs. The in-Kingdom installed base of Emerson Automation Solutions, Fisher-Rosemount process controls and instrumentation now exceeds couple hundreds of millions US$. Over the years, our firm has forged close working relationship with key customers. Companies such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SEC, SWCC, Saudi Chevron and Tasnee has placed Saudi Fal on their list of preferred suppliers for products such as Distributed Control System (DCS), Field Instrumentation and Control Valves.

SAUDI FAL is the representatives of: Emerson Automation Solutions, Anderson Greenwood, AMS, ASCO, Baumann, Bettis, Branson, Cascade, Cash, Clarkson, Crosby, Damcos, Daniel, Dantorque, DeltaV, EIM, El-O-MATIC, Enardo, Fasani, FCT, Fisher, Francel, Hytork, K-Ball, Keystone, KTM, Kunckle, Luckenheimer, Magtech, Marston, Micro Motion, Mobrey, Nelson, Neotecha, Ovation, Paine, Permasense, Rosemount, Roxar, Shapag, Sempell, Shafer, SolaHD, Tartarini, Tescom, Topworx, Vanessa, Varec, Virgo, Yarway.