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Engineering Services


Maintain, Protect and Enhance your Process Performance

From simple repairs to complex projects, Emerson supports you with services that improve the maintenance, reliability and performance of your products and, ultimately, your process equipment and production quality.

Maintenance Services

Emerson's factory trained and certified personnel will ensure you consistently receive accurate measurement and analytical information to operate safely and at peak performance.

Keep your Rosemount products certified by working with our personnel who will complement and add to your staff's capabilities ensuring your operational goals are met while optimizing maintenance costs?

Emergency On-site Support

When using Emergency On-site Support, a certified technician will be dispatched to your plant on a priority basis. Immediate availability of service experts for Rosemount products can help you reduce or eliminate downtime and unplanned outages.

Field Retrofits

Plant processes change over time, which reduces the accuracy product measurement. This can be due to the addition of new components or deploying equipment from one application to another. Our personnel can evaluate these situations to make the necessary hardware and software changes.

Start-up and Commissioning

Proper installation is critical to the performance and longevity of your products as well as overall safety.

Maximize the value of your investment right from the start with our Start-up and Commissioning services so you can:

• Obtain the longest product life possible
• Get your process on-line on time by experts
• Ensure industry best practices are implemented

SureService™ Long Term Service Agreements for Rosemount™ Products

Increase reliability and uptime to maximize revenue potential. The capabilities of today's measurement and analytical products far exceed that of earlier generations so let our factory trained, certified service personnel help you maximize their potential.


FLOW STARTUP SERVICE Fast, Easy, Successful Device Installation

Emerson’s Flow Startup Service helps you realize the full benefits from your Micro Motion® Coriolis flow, density and viscosity meters, Rosemount® Magnetic or Vortex flowmeters - quickly and easily. Certified Flow Field Service Technicians ensure the startup of your new meter meets your exact measurement expectations, from the very first time it is placed in operation.

Flow Startup Service includes:

• Verify correct installation of the sensor, transmitter, and associated wiring
• Customize and adjust all configuration parameters in the transmitter to match operating parameters using software tools such as ProLink® III and AMS Device Manager
• Review configuration and test all transmitter displays and outputs to ensure compatibility with plant controllers or indication devices • Commission meter by performing a meter zero check and verifying performance under process conditions
• Train your technicians while the Certified Flow Field Service Technician conducts the Flow Service
• Extended warranty

Installation Verification & Commissioning

For a successful Flow Startup Service, please have the following completed: 1. Sensor plumbed in line 2. Sensor to transmitter, power and output signal wiring connected

Verification and commissioning includes a check of the piping system to ensure a correct mechanical installation, a check of the wiring from the sensor to the electronics, and a loop check to verify the output signals to any peripheral devices. A complete transmitter configuration and diagnostics check will also be performed using software tools such as ProLink III and AMS Device Manager. State weights & measures approval, or other regulatory agency calibration or verification is not included in this service.


Maximize reservoir performance with innovative technology solutions for corrosion and erosion monitoring, pipeline integrity, downhole monitoring, and multiphase metering.

Innovative Roxar solutions both enlighten and empower customers with reliable, actionable data within the O&G value chain. By providing a continuous information flow, Roxar products consistently guide customers to make more informed decisions about production and integrity. This results in maximized performance throughout the lifecycle of the well, along with increased profitability.

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