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Flow Meters

Flow Meters for Wide-Ranging Industry Applications in Saudi Arabia

Flow meters are used for monitoring, measuring, or recording the rate of flow, pressure, or discharge of liquids or gases. They may also control the rate of flow when equipped with flow control valves. Both product selection and calibration affect the efficiency and productivity of these field devices. If your goal is reliability and durability, having the right control systems is crucial. Only an industry expert who has the technical know-how should guide your selection.

You can rely on Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division to identify and install appropriate process automation solutions for your manufacturing facility. Local industry expertise combine with world-class technology provided by Emerson Automation Solutions puts us in a unique position to match all your specifications. We possess a wide-range of flow meters, control valves, and smart instruments customized to your job requirements. Plus we have the capability to provide in-Kingdom support utilizing our local manufacturing/repair facilities in Jubail and Yanbu any and every time you may need them.

Advantages of the flow applications we offer?
• Top quality products from trusted brands like Daniel, Rosemount and Micro Motion
• Superior performance that includes enhanced accuracy, safety and reliability
• Intelligent diagnostics that meet any variety of industrial needs
• Superior measurement practices for increased plant efficiency

Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division will assist in meeting all your process automation goals in the most cost-efficient manner. By helping you choose the appropriate control systems and customized applications to your production environment, we will equip you with the tools to improve operational efficiency and increase your profit margins.
Call us for flow meters, control valves, regulators and other control systems that will enhance the efficiency of all your industrial processes.
Selecting Flow Meters for Optimized Process Automation
Identifying the right flow meter for your application is a complicated yet crucial process. While we recommend that you consult an industrial process automation specialist, here are a few tips to get you started.

How to select flow meters?
• Consider the liquid or gas that is being measured (water or air for instance)
• Pay attention to liquid viscosity
• Determine if you need rate measurement or totalization
• Check if the fluid is clean or not
• Decide if you want electronic signal output or a local display
• Note minimum and maximum flow rates as well as process temperature and pressure
• Check if the fluid is chemically compatible with flow meter vetted parts
• Determine pipe size in process applications
Size, type, installation and calibration of flow meters are vital to the success of your process automation efforts. Years of training and experience combined with access to cutting-edge control systems allows Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division to offer superior solutions specially designed to make a positive difference.
Contact us for smart control systems that will dramatically increase efficiency and safety for any manufacturing operation in Saudi Arabia.
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