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World-Class Local Valve and Process Automation Facilities for Saudi Industries 

Manufacturing/Assembly of Emerson, Fisher and Rosemount Control Systems

If you are seeking top quality services in Saudi Arabia, look no farther than Saudi FAL Co. LTD Controls Division.  We offer world-class products and services with a local touch. We not only serve as representatives of well-known Emerson brands such as Delta-V, Fisher and Rosemount, we manufacture (or assemble) these  leading process automation and control systems right here in Jubail and Yanbu.

 Having access to local manufacturing facilities for process control and systems integration solutions delivers several unique advantages including:


  • Easy availability to a suite of top quality field devices: As representatives of world-leading Emerson control systems we offer you quick access to their complete range of products (valves, regulators, transmitters, flow meters, field devices, Hart communicators, control systems, actuators, positioners, etc.).  Yet perhaps most importantly, they are manufactured, assembled & repaired to your exact specifications at our local Saudi facilities.
  • Rapid turnaround on projects: Having a local company responsible for the design, installation and commissioning provides our customers with an extremely quick turnaround at every stage of automation.  Our customers achieve higher levels of both efficiency and savings in a shorter span of time than their competitors.
  • Instantaneous trouble-shooting facilities: What our customer’s value most is having regional experts instantly available to diagnose and solve in person any process automation and systems integration issues.  Whether it’s upgrading your flow meter, commissioning a reliable ESD (Emergency Shutdown System) or repairing the SIS (Safety Instrumented System), we have the technical expertise to get it done right (and right away).
  • Prompt after sales support: Even the most sophisticated systems experience occasional problems. Knowing that you have an expert close-by to promptly answer your questions and service your requests will definitely reduce unnecessary downtime.
  • Local repair facilities: Our local manufacturing units at Jubail and Yanbu are equipped with the latest technology and extensive parts inventory in order to carry out rapid repairs of valves, regulators, Hart communicators, vibration analysers and other systems.  All repairs are conducted in a manner that creates a minimum of disruption to your daily activities.  
  • Quick Ship & Repair Facility (QSR): Saudi Fal operates a fully approved and licensed Rosemount Measurement Quick Ship and Repair facility.  This facility allows us to provide same day delivery of a substantial portion of the Rosemount measurement product line that is all assembled, tested and calibrated to factory standards.
  • Training facilities:  We provide the relevant training you need, when and wherever you may need it. We also provide additional on-site training to bring your staff up-to-speed with any new equipment and procedures. We host factory training courses where student attend classes in our fully equipped training laboratories.
  • Part Management Program: Saudi Fal local facilities are equipped with well managed warehouses that offer an immediate supply of materials as required by our customers while also supporting our local manufacturing/repair facilities. We guarantee a first class supply system from our suppliers (EMERSON) to Saudi Fal and from Saudi Fal to our customer base for all of Emerson’s products. This logistics program also plays a core role in our customer supply agreements that we pledge to maintain. 


Jubail Facility

First  Manufacturing and Repair Facility for Branded Control Systems in the Kingdom  

Saudi FAL–Emerson Unit for Valves, Regulators, Actuators, Transmitters and More

 Thanks in great measure to the new Saudi FAL and Emerson manufacturing and repair facility in Al Jubail, local industries now have an unlimited access to world-class valves, regulators, actuators, transmitters and other components made or assembled in Saudi Arabia.

Introducing an exciting first for in-Kingdom manufacturing of the latest technologies, our state-of-the art factory houses equipment produced by the world-renowned Emerson Automation Solutions for the design-build and repair of field devices and control systems.  Occupying a sprawling 10,000 square meters, our factory has both the space and capability to comfortably and simultaneously service both large orders and multiple projects.

A few of the specialized process automation services that the Saudi FAL Jubail facility offers:

  • §Integration facility for valve automation
  • §Manufacturing/assembly of control valves - Emerson/Fisher
  • §Assembly of On/Off valves - Emerson valve automation
  • §Manufacturing/assembly of pressure regulators - Emerson/Fisher
  • §Manufacturing/assembly/calibration of transmitters - Emerson Rosemount
  • §Valves repair shop - all kind of valves
  • §Staging area for DCS (Distributed Control System) – Emerson

Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division is the sole representative for Emerson in the region.

Our Jubail facility was set up in 2011 with the intention of providing our customers with the best possible local service to meet their process control and instrumentation requirements. Being local reduces wait times and cost, while allowing us to cater to the unique needs of our regional industries. Our focus is always on the customer!

Call us  first in Saudi Arabia for design, manufacture, installation and repair of all your control systems and your systems integration software needs

Jubail Facility:  Top Emerson Process Automation Solutions Now at Your Door Step

Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division has a long-standing reputation for exceeding expectations of both performance and customer service. We’re always looking for new ways to better meet your needs. We empower our clients to protect their investments and bottom line by providing them with top quality Emerson (our partners for over 25 years ) field devices and process control systems, Our hope is to forge a lifetime of successful relationships with our customers. 

Emerson Automation Solutions is a leader in the industrial process automation for oil and gas, power and water, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and batches—all key industries in our region. Saud Fal has just made it easier for our local companies to bring the world-class solutions they need right to their doorsteps. In addition the facility in Jubail is located close to Jubail Industrial College, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest and most sophisticated hands-on technical institutes.

We offer the whole suite of Emerson valve and process automation products and solutions including:

  • Smart instruments, measurement and analytical devices such as flow meters, HART communicators, vibration analyzers and systems.
  • Control systems including valves, regulators, actuators, positioners, transmitters and DCS
  • Safety systems like the ESD (Emergency Shutdown System) and the SIS (Safety Instrumented System).
  • AMS ™ (Asset Management System)

Trusted names like Rosemount, Fisher, DeltaV, among others help connect you to your people, your processes and your profits. All our process automation services are designed to make a significant impact.

Contact us for control valves, field devices and smart instruments designed and built to suit Saudi Arabian requirements.


Yanbu Facility

New Yanbu Facility to Enhance Process Automation Services for Saudi Industries

Local Manufacture and Repair of Emerson Field Devices and Control Systems 

  The rising demand for world-class process automation solutions within Saudi Arabia led to the commissioning of Saudi FAL’s new facility in Yanbu. With Jubail and Yanbu becoming the nerve centres for Saudi industries, we determined, in collaboration with the world-renowned Emerson Automation Solutions, that Yanbu would naturally become the perfect location for our second manufacturing and repair facility.

Working together, the aim of our two local manufacturing facilities is to provide regional industries with accessible, home-grown services of internationally recognized quality for design, building and support of valve automation, systems integration as well as investment protection.

Occupying a sprawling 20,000 square meters, Yanbu has both the space and capability to comfortably and simultaneously service large orders and multiple projects.

The Yanbu facility offers the following services:

  • Assembly of On/Off valves (Emerson Valve Automation)
  • Manufacturing/assembly of transmitters (Emerson Rosemount)
  • Valves repair shop (all kind of valves)


Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division is well-known for its think-customer-first policy.  Our Yanbu facility is part of our ongoing effort to create convenient, user-friendly environments for local industries to easily access the leading-edge field devices and control systems they require.

Whether you’re having a valve automation issue or need a fool-proof ESD (Emergency Shutdown System) or SIS (Safety Instrumented System), consider your expectations filled.  From control valves to regulators, from transmitters and flow meters to Hart communicators, from actuators to positioners monitoring and control system like DCS (Distributed Control System) and AMS (Asset Management System) we will meet all of your needs.

Call us for the design, manufacture, installation and repair of all your control systems and systems integration software needs within Saudi Arabia.

Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division is your primary, local integrated supplier of valves, regulators, transmitters, flow meters, field devices, Hart communicators, actuators, positioners, vibration analysers and smart instruments for process control, automation and systems integration. Whatever your needs or challenges, consider them filled or solved!


Contact us for more information about our cutting-edge design and installation of valves and control systems such as DCS, ESD, SIS and AMS in Saudi Arabia.


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