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Saudi Fal Quality Policy.

Saudi Fal Co. Ltd here in referred to as SAUDI FAL is the representative Of Emerson Automation Solutions in Saudi Arabia; SAUDI FAL is made up of Professional people to service industry.

Our objective is to ensure maximum Customer Satisfaction by adhering to Quality Standards in the technologies. Products and services that we deliver, Meet all Commitments on time, Where external and internal context are considered.

To achieve this objective the company shall organize itself in the following manner:

We shall organize in such a way the technical, administrative and human factors affecting the quality of SAUDI FAL, Product and Services will be under Control, The Control shall be oriented towards the reduction, elimination and most importantly, the prevention of quality deficiencies and finally towards Continual Improvement, with full Safety & Environmental Compliance.

We shall establish and maintain an effective Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 9001 Standard, in operation which result in the provision of products and services, which meet Customer Expectations and recognized company standards as well as all applicable statutory and legal requirements and considering all Interested Parties & their relevant requirements. The responsibility for Quality lies with each individual employee of SAUDI FAL, Each employee must strive to perform in an efficient and professional manner in accordance with the functional Quality Objectives and Guidelines established and implementation by the Company to maintain the standards of Quality required by our customers.

Our team of dedicated professionals works with passion to maintain and Continually Improve the Quality in keeping with our Mission Objectives, and develop business growth and Intellectual Property. The Management of Saudi Fal is highly committed to Quality and fully supports the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System, with full Safety & Environmentional Compliance.

Saudi Fal Safety Policy

The safety program element forms a management directive all SAUDI FAI, Company personnel to be aware of their responsibilities regarding safety and to organize and perform their work in a safe manner in accordance With the following policy:


Safety is a requirement in all what we do at Saudi Co. Ltd. We strive to achieve a position of SAFETY leadership in the industry. We care about other and those around us and we believe injuries are preventable and a Of employment at Saudi co. Ltd. We are committed to the following safety principals:

SAFETY is the direct responsibility of each person and each group in the organization. You cannot transfer this responsibility for SAFETY-TOSAFETY personnel or anyone else. Every individual must consider himself as part of safety effort and participate in the programs designed for safe working environment and attitude.

All injuries can be prevented. Correction of conditions and unsafe acts before an injury occurs requires alertness. knowledge and continual observation by all employees.

All exposure, which may result in injuries. can be reasonably safeguarded. Elimination of danger Sources is the preferred course of action. However. where this is not possible or practical, protective measures must be utilized.

All hazards associated With the operations at Saudi Fal Co. Ltd. can and Will be managed to ensure the HEALTH and SAFETY Of Saudi Fal Company's contractor employees and any other with whom we interact.

Effective training Will be utilized to assure that every person has the knowledge to work SAFELY and to be prepared for emergencies.

Any employee after review with his supervisor safety officer could stop the work or job, if he feels that, it is unsafe or may result with an injury or accident.


Our objective is to create a climate of excellence not only in our products and/or services, but also for our employees, persons affected by Our activities and the environment; Whereas we are committed to preservation of the environment, we shall strive to adhere to this policy in all aspects and all stages of our Business operation.

To conserve the Environment we shall:

• Be Committed to Continual improvement through reduction and prevention of Wastes, Pollution Of air, water & land contamination and consumption Of natural resources.
• Strive to Comply With all environmental legalization, regulations and all other requirements relevant to our activities, products and services.
• Promote Environmental awareness amongst our employees through continual education and trainings.
• Review our Environmental objectives annually and revise as needed.
• Ensure that any person working on our behalf are made aware Of and agree to Comply with this policy.

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