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Power and Water Solutions with Smart Instruments and Field Devices

Efficient Control Systems Powered by Leading Process Automation Technology

Is your power plant or water treatment facility facing process automation challenges? Consider these challenges faced and solved! Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division offers cutting-edge applications tailored to your specific requirements. We understand that efficiency and savings are crucial to your operations. Our engineering and industry specialists will design a solution that is suited to your particular industrial environment.

For the past 100 years our product and technology partner, Emerson Automation Solutions has been serving international power and water process control needs. That experience translates into reliable control systems with optimized performance and reliability for our customers. Most of our field devices and smart instruments are made or assembled in our local manufacturing facilities in Jubail and Yanbu. This reduces project turnaround time while providing 24/7 service for emergency or urgent requirements. We communicate directly with our customers

How do our process automation solutions make a difference?
• A proven Distributed Control System (DCS): The Ovation™ DCS is backed by over four decades of experience in process control. It provides a seamless interface with the most widely adopted standards for enhanced availability, reliability and environmental compliance.
• Optimized process control: The SmartProcess™ Optimization software offers adaptive improvement solutions to help utilities achieve optimized equipment performance for emissions compliance, temperature control, efficiency, and overall continuous operational improvement.
• Performance improvement applications : An array of modular service and support offerings, like SureService, have been designed to help you achieve optimal efficiency while reducing and containing your operating and service costs. Our performance applications keep your process control systems running at peak performance.

Our Services and Support includes the following:
• Technical Support: Via local Support Agreements, Saudi Fal provides rapid access to certified technical support professionals for onsite support whenever required. Local Support Agreements provides 24/7 priority availability through standard after-hours support.
• Back-up Support: In order to assure all aspects of product support and the back-up of local support organizations, Saudi Fal maintains excellent relationships with all Emerson Automation Solutions Division organizations. Hundreds of fully qualified product engineers from each Emerson Automation Solutions Division provide customers detailed troubleshooting support using full phone, internet, and modem based diagnostics.
• Warranty Support: Saudi Fal assumes the primary warranty support for the total Emerson Automation Solutions scope of supply.
• Maintenance and Spare Parts Agreements: Staffed by resident technicians and engineers, Saudi Fal offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services to provide routine maintenance, and “call-out” services. We also offer access and rapid replenishment of spares required to support Emerson’s customer-installed base.
• Prompt after sales support: Even the most sophisticated systems experience occasional problems. Knowing that you have a live, expert close-by to promptly answer your questions and service your requests reduces unnecessary downtime.
• Local repair facilities: In order to carry out repairs of valves, regulators, Hart communicators, vibration analysers and systems, with a minimum disruption to your daily activities, our local manufacturing units at Jubail and Yanbu come equipped with the latest technology and are backed by an extensive parts inventory.
The “think customer” philosophy governing all aspects of Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division services assures our clients that protecting their bottom line is always a top priority for our team.

Call us for process control, automation and safety solutions dedicated to the power and water industries in in Saudi Arabia.

Array of Control Systems for Optimal Operations and Maintenance Savings
Possessing world-class control systems means little if these systems fail to deliver the performance and reliability you need. Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division offers a wide array of process automation solutions that successfully and consistently meet the various needs of industries within Saudi Arabia.

The real value of the Ovation™ DCS lies in its embedded advanced algorithms and proven industry-specific control routines. These features allow you to optimize your operations thereby maximizing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Likewise SmartProcess™ offers adaptive improvement solutions which can be specifically designed to meet your needs with similar results.

Market competitiveness, operational efficiency, plant safety, cost-control and environmental responsiveness form the key concerns for all industries particularly power and water/water treatment.

The experienced team at Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division combines industry and engineering expertise to offer solutions designed to make a difference. We streamline all operational costs and compliance issues.

Contact us for sophisticated power and water solutions in Saudi Arabia including field devices, smart instruments and DCS.

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