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Saudi Fal Quick Ship Report (QSR) Service Center

Meeting the Most Demanding Standards
In The Industry...Yours.


 Rosemount Certified Repair

Saudi  Fal’s  Instrument  &  Valve  Services  delivers  field  and  repair  services  that  are governed  by  the  same  exacting  standards  and  processes  used  for  Rosemount devices.  Our  experts  help  meet  your  legal,  regulatory,  and  safety  requirements. These onsite and repair services are Rosemount Certified –your guarantee of OEM specifications with your instrumentation.

Reduce  downtime  and  save  money.  Saudi  Fal’s  Instrument  &  Valve  Services  is always  close  by  and  ready  to  meet  your  service  and  repair  needs.  Our  Service Center  is  staffed  with  expert  technicians  who  have  the  latest  training  and certifications.  Saudi  Fal  also  stocks  a  full  complement  of  factory-authorized  parts and equipment to make repair and replacement fast and easy.

We offer flexible maintenance contracts, plus standalone services that can get your plant up and running to always meet the required OEM specifications.




Instrument Services:

  • Installation
  • Instrument upgrades
  • Loop validation/documentation
  • Startup/commissioning
  • Certified calibrations
  • Configuration and validation
  • Pre-turnaround diagnostics
  • Complete preventive maintenance and inspections

Instrumentation Types :

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • DP Flow
  • DP Level
  • Radar Level Transmitters
  • Wireless Transmitters

Training :

As the certified experts in Emerson products, we offer Training programs at our Service facilities.