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Reliability Solutions

Focus on reliability to improve availability, profitability and safety

Introducing technology to monitor plant assets and increasing machines availability and decrease unscheduled downtime caused by mechanical failure. Recognize business goals and achieve top-quartile reliability by implantation predictive intelligence and integrated protection technologies. A key strategy to improving reliability is to monitor the condition of both production and automation assets in your plant.

Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division offers process automation and reliable solutions designed to improve production efficiency with minimum cost as below:
  • Machinery Health Management
  • AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer
  • Field Device Management
  • Reliability Consulting
  • PlantWeb Optics
  • Machinery Condition Monitoring Service
  • On-Site Oil Lubrication Analysis

Machinery Health Management:

Collecting Vibration and Oil lubrication data is the cornerstone of predictive intelligence. Industry-proven technology for data collection and field analysis of vibration and Oil lubrication data on a wide range of rotating assets.

Factors such as asset criticality and location determine whether the technology is applied periodically or continuously.

Emerson’s vibration data collection technologies feature unique methodology – PeakVue technology – to cut through the complexity of machinery analysis and provide simple, reliable indication of equipment health that is easily understood by both operations and maintenance.

AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer

The AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer takes vibration data and analysis measurements to the next level. It features simultaneous four-channel plus phase data collection and unique peak detection capabilities for the earliest indication of bearing and gearbox degradation. In addition to delivering faster data collection for less time in the field or more machines monitored, the AMS 2140 is ergonomically designed for comfortable, single hand operation all day long.

Field Device Management

Field Device Management utilizes configuration and calibration data to confirm your automation assets are operating effectively, thereby protecting the reliability of your production assets. Use Smart Field Device Diagnostics to Drive Reliability Goals Predictive diagnostics from field devices enable you to keep these devices configured, calibrated, and operating effectively, protecting the reliability of your production equipment.

Reliability Consulting:

Improved reliability is the result of proven accelerators that were developed in an artisanal, engineering niche, and then optimized with enterprise implementation practices. Booster Packs™ accelerators are the result of decades of reliability engineering and maintenance practice improvement projects. Our tools assist in building the foundation you need to help you achieve EAM Best Practices. Delivered independently or through Catapult™ software platform, the means to organize data from all sources into one meaningful and useable program, our accelerators and solutions include: failure hierarchies, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) library, preventative maintenance (PM) and items libraries.

PlantWeb Optics

Plantweb Optics asset performance platform improves reliability and availability by enhancing the visibility to the health of your assets. Experts in your facility are always connected to assets they care about most. Through open protocols, operational data is centralized and contextualized from disparate data sources. The data is delivered to your experts with personalized content and dashboards. Plantweb Optics provides the information you need in a collaborative environment to enhance your workflow and drive corrective actions.

Machinery Condition Monitoring Service

The effect of machinery monitoring goes beyond reliability improvements.
Reliable machinery can also offer improvements in performance and streamline maintenance efforts.
With Emerson’s expertise, technologies, and training, you will be able to implement a world-class predictive maintenance program for periodic or continuous monitoring of critical assets. Emerson provides portable, online, and wireless solutions based on your plant’s needs. Emerson’s Machinery Vibration Monitoring Service gives you advance warning of faults, so you can reduce downtime and use maintenance resources more effectively.

On-Site Oil Lubrication Analysis

In-service oil analysis is a key machine condition monitoring technique for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and Reliability programs. It complements vibration analysis, thermography and other predictive maintenance technologies. In the time it takes external laboratories to return oil sample results, machinery condition can change significantly. Oil analysis provides early indications of equipment wear and identifies the root causes of corrosion.
Saudi Fal has exclusive representative agreement with Ametek Spectro Scientific as they have been focusing for over 30 years is on monitoring machinery and engine lubricating oil and continuously expanding our capabilities in lubrication system monitoring.

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