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Operation Technology and Automation Solutions

Saudi FAL has been in world of Automation Solutions & operation technology (OT) since 1987. It supports and supplies unique, state-of-art operational systems starting from Programmable logic controllers (PLC) up to state of art Distributed control systems (DCS). Saudi FAL covers below operational & control systems:

• DCS: Distributed Control Systems – (Emerson DeltaV™ & Emerson Ovation™)
• TCS: Turbo-Machinery Control System – Emerson Ovation™ -based TCS
• SIS or ESD: Safety Instrumented System /Emergency Shutdown System (Emerson DeltaV SIS™ & Emerson Ovation SIS™)
• BMS: Burner Management System based on DeltaV SIS™
• RTU: Remote Terminal Unit – Emerson Bristol Babcock ControlWave™ RTUs
• SCADA: Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition – Emerson Open-enterprise™
• TMS: Terminal Management System – Emerson Terminal Manager
• Flow Computers – Floboss™ 107, 2100, 2200 & FB600+
• Programmable Logic Controllers – PLC – Emerson Machine Automation Solutions (MAS) formerly known as GE Intelligent Platforms

Saudi FAL understands that customers’ needs normally differ; whatever operational demand you require, our team is trained to closely work with you to choose the right operation technology for your plants or factories. Operation technologies are continuously evolved. One of Saudi Fal’s objective is to keep itself in a leading position to support its customers. This includes changes in the model of licensing such as lease & cloud-based operation systems. Saudi Fal has network of partners that supports it in achi

Distributed Control System

Emer DeltaV™ DCS is Easy and flexible modern automation systems that eliminate operational complexity and minimize project risk. This DCS is used in oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical plants and widely installed within KSA. Easy of use, reliability & scalability are three silent features of DeltaV. The system is fully secure & complies with most of cyber security standards & regulatory. It well suits continuous and batch processes.

Emerson Ovation™ DCS is a reliable and innovative control platform used for various kind of power plants and advanced water plants. Ovation is widely used within the kingdom. Reliability combined with machine control knowledge make it perfect for gas & steam turbine control. SCADA is available to support renewable energy plants such as solar PV & CSP, wind farms & hybrid power generation fleet.

Turbo-Machinery Control System

Turbo-machinery control is critical application as it requires machine knowledge, control theory knowledge & algorithm knowledge. Saudi FAL partners with many leading OEMs to provide required knowledge and support for turbo-machinery equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines & compressor control. This includes engineering & design, assessment and upgrade solutions.
Contact us for requirements related to TCS and our team will support you in choosing the right solution for your needs.

Safety Instrumented System (Emergency Shutdown System)

Emerson DeltaV SIS™ & Ovation SIS™ are modern approach to increase safety integrity while improving process availability. Whether you are looking for standalone SIS or integrated SIS, these two systems will serve the purpose.

Saudi FAL can also support in many services related to safety such as SIL verification, functional safety & safety systems enhancement. Contact us for any safety requirements and our team will guide you to correct resource to support your requirements.

Burner Management System

The focus of Burner Management System (BMS) is to ensure safe operation of furnaces, boilers, ovens and other fired equipment. Emerson BMS is based on the DeltaV SIS™ process safety system, a safety solution for control and monitoring of burner units. The DeltaV SIS system was built from the ground up for IEC 61511 compliance and was designed to make the implementation and management of the safety logic as efficient as possible

Remote Terminal Unit

Emerson ControlWave® Micro is a highly programmable controller that combines the unique capabilities of a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a remote terminal unit. The ControlWave Micro specializes in oil, gas, water and wastewater with a design emphasis on low power consumption. Different series of RTUs can be offered based on the specific requirements. Please contact our engineers to support you in choosing the correct RTU for your application.

Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition

Emerson OpenEnterprise™ SCADA is a SCADA platform designed for remote oil and gas applications. OpenEnterprise supports many open communication protocols (Modbus, DNP3, OPC…etc) and easy to integrate. It is real-time, object-oriented and support VM virtualization for high availability requirements. With many advanced reporting & virtualization features, this SCADA provides unique operational experience for geographically scatter sites.

Terminal Management System

Emerson TerminalManger ™ ensures efficient, accurate, safe, and secure material transfers for both manned and unmanned tank storage facilities. TerminalManager is a scalable, highly reliable solution that is appropriate for terminals of all sizes.

Flow Computers

Saudi FAL supply and supports various flow computers for gas and liquid applications. Emerson's FB1000 and FB2000 Series Flow Computers are engineered to help you maintain measurement integrity while meeting operational objectives, including improved safety and security measures. In addition, a new, simplified configuration process ensures less experienced field engineers can quickly setup meter runs. Emerson FB107 & S600+ are uniquely design for flow calculations & totalizing.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Oriented for discrete manufacturing, small scale industry and substation monitoring, Saudi FAL supports and offers Program logic controls (PLC). Primarily based on Emerson Machine Automation Solutions, Saudi FAL supports many of local clients’ requirements for automation & operation. Please contact our engineers for support

Installation Services

Saudi FAL has trained engineers, electricians & technician that are trained in various types of mechanical and electrical installations of cabinets, instruments and values. Contact us for any installation requirements and our fleet will be happy to support your team and projects.

Consultation Services

Saudi FAL can provide many consultation services related to operation and performance needs for local industries. Consultation could be as:

• Function Safety Assessment
• Turbines Performance Assessment
• Linear Programming model for operation optimization
• Operation technology (OT) customization
• Integration Services (IT-OT)
• Reliability Services
• Industrial Energy Assessment
• Cyber Security Assessment for OT
With wide networks of local and international partners, Saudi FAL position itself to deliver appreciable, world-class consultation services to all of its customs. Contact our engineers for further assistance.

Commissioning & Life Cycle Services

Saudi FAL can provide commissioning & life cycle services for many operation & reliability systems:

• Emerson DeltaV™ DCS
• Emerson Ovation™ DCS
• Emerson DeltaV SIS™
• Emerson Ovation SIS™
• Emerson Microwave RTUs & Emerson ROC
• Emerson OpenEnterprise™ SCADA
• Emerson various flow computers (FlowBoss107, S600+, FB1000, FB2000)
• Emerson PLC (GE Fanuc)
Saudi FAL offer field services along with OEM option of support such as batches updates and remote telephone support. Please contact our engineers for any further assistance.

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