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Safety-Certified Transmitters for Advanced Measurement Capabilities

Advanced Smart Instruments offer Enhanced Reliability, Safety and Compliance

Transmitters and flow meters both play vital roles in insuring the reliability, efficiency and safety of your industrial processes. If you’re seeking to minimize product variability and hazardous conditions, you’ll need advanced measurement control systems that can stand the test of time.

The Emerson Rosemount transmitters offered by Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Divisions all have safe operation records lasting for millions of hours. These field-proven pressure and temperature technologies have consistently achieved certification following the IEC 61508 safety standards. All the above explains why our transmitters are the popular choice for SIS (Safety Instrumented System) and ESD (Emergency Shutdown System) throughout the world.

We have a complete line-up of smart instruments designed to make a difference at every stage.
• Pressure: Choose from an extensive range of smart pressure transmitters to diagnose, correct and prevent process issues. These products set the industry standard for measurement systems; they will significantly improve your efficiency.
• Temperature: Whether wireless, single-point, high-density, general use or application specific solutions, it’s really up to you to choose. Our factory-tested and ready-to-install measurement solutions employ leading transmitters, sensors and thermowalls for enhanced reliability.
• Flow: The Rosemount range of flow meters and flow products are sought worldwide to enhance productivity and safety. They employ innovative technology to expand and enhance your flow measurement capabilities.

Level: Emerson’s level transmitters are designed to increase savings and safety by giving precise and reliable level data under most process conditions. Based on five different measurement principles, non-contacting radar, guided wave radar, ultrasonic, differential pressure and vibrating fork, these transmitters cover a wide range of level measurement and control technologies fulfilling both simple and demanding applications.

Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division is dedicated to providing process control and automation solutions that will optimize your productivity and profits.
Call us for Rosemount safety-tested transmitters for all types of industries in Saudi Arabia.
Complete Line-up of Measurement Control Systems for Every Application Need

Cost-control begins with streamlining industrial processes. Process control and automation can help you realize hidden savings while improving productivity and product quality. Sophisticated measurement products like Rosemount have been proven to repeatedly maximize return on investment.

Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division has the expertise and capabilities to meet your specifications while delivering the performance and reliability you expect. Whether in oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, water, pharmaceuticals or general contracting, our advanced measurement control systems serve virtually every application need.

Our partnership with industry-leader Emerson Automation Solutions allows us access to cutting-edge process automation technology. We pass this technology on to you in the form of sophisticated control systems designed to make a difference to your business.

As our valued customer you will enjoy localized manufacturing facilities with rapid turnaround and round-the-clock service for emergency or urgent needs. Our engineering and industry experts are trained to “think customer” meaning your bottom line is always our top priority.

Through improving efficiency and safety, we will optimize your budget and while allowing your business to remain highly competitive.

Contact us for efficient transmitters and measurement control systems tailored to the unique needs of industries in Saudi Arabia.

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