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Valve Automation

Valve Automation for Improved Reliability and Functionality 

Leading Process Control Systems Available in Saudi Arabia

ValveAutomation 02

Systems integration and valve automation assists manufacturers in achieving their most important goals in regards to both product reliability and cost savings. Therefore the selection of the right control systems, more specifically, control valves design/assembly and automation solutions, becomes a key decision in your manufacturing process.

Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division has both the proven technology and industry specialists to assist you implement the automation bested suited to your vertical and valve operating conditions. We have a suite of world-renowned Emerson Automation Solutions solutions from which to select and that are readily adaptable to your specifications.

As the leading provider of valve & automaton solutions in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain , Saudi FAL has partnered with selected group of suppliers to provide first-in-their-class valves and automation products. We Our services may be scaled to meet the demands for specific solutions or even large projects.

Either through our local Manufacturing / Repair facilities ( located in Yanby and Jubail) or on site Saudi FAL Valve Automation Division (VAD) provides valve Automation services to customers  any where in the region.

Our Automation services include:

  • The procurement and supply of fully assembled automated valves .
  • Building of automation  packages with either free issue valves or free issue actuators

Building of automation packages with both valves and actuating free issued.















Our valve automation choices:

  • Bettis: One of the first brands to be established in the valve actuator business and used in almost every energy-related industry.  Today the actuator range includes: linear; quarter-turn scotch-yoke; rack and pinion, and electric options These actuators are powered by compressed gas, hydraulic and electric sources to satisfy a vast range of automation requirements.
  • Dantorque: The market leader in sub-sea actuator technology,  Dantorque concentric and compact valve actuators have been used increasingly in deep water applications in many major sub-sea developments around the world.
  • El-O-Matic: Firmly established for over 30 years, this brand represents a wide range of pneumatic and electric actuators together with control accessories used throughout the chemical and utility industries in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Hytork: Associated with high quality valve automation and specializing in high performance pneumatic actuators, Hytork recently expanded to include a range of customer-requested features and specialized solenoid valves.  Hytork systems continue to deliver excellent performance in some of the most difficult on-off process applications.
  • Shafer: Primarily used in the gas transmission pipeline industry and recognized as “guardians of the world’s pipelines” involving the safe control of critical applications. These also include the demands of offshore platforms and sub-sea pipelines plus highly challenging pipeline applications in metals, mining and other process industries.
  • EIM Electric Valve Actuators offer a wide range of sizes, ratings and output speeds and adapted to your specific applications. EIM actuators have been serving industry standards for over 60 years in installations around the world.
  • REXA Actuators: Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division is the local business partner for REXA Actuators. Rexa produces stable & precise electro-hydraulic actuators, which can fit to any type of valves. Available in Linear, Rotary and Drive configurations, REXA’s two models, Xpac and Mpac, can fulfil virtually any positioning application.  REXA electro-hydraulic actuators improve control and extend the life of severe service trims, providing:
    • Low power consumption,
    • Lots of force in a small package
    • Tight and rugged control  
    • Environmentally friendly design

             for more information : www.rexa.com

Smart process automation efficiently captures process data for optimized asset management and profitability.

Call Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division for control valves automation tailored to the specific needs of Saudi industries.

Valve Automation Solutions Backed by Industry Experts

Value automation experts believe that focusing on actuator and control system selection is critical to the reliability of control valves. Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division offers an extensive selection of valves, actuators and positioners to meet the wide-ranging needs of an equally diverse set of industries in Saudi Arabia.

What are the advantages of choosing Saudi FAL?

  • Technical advice from a qualified and experienced team
  • Local manufacturing facility for valve design/assembly and valve integration (Yanbu – Jubail)
  • Prompt response to customer needs
  • Reliable after-sales support
  • Valve testing and repair shop
  • 24/7 emergency or urgent service

The Emerson suite of field devices and process automation solutions offers a combinations of the best-in-class technologies of pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and electric actuators with controls. As the sole representative for Emerson products in Saudi Arabia (an association that spans more than 25 years) Saudi FAL Co. LTD. Controls Division offers easy and unlimited access to world-leading technology to fit your needs.

Consider your process control and automation issues solved!

Contact us for performance and reliability-tested valve automation solutions in Saudi Arabia

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