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Imagine having the resources to influence tomorrow’s reality today, and having fun while doing so. That’s how Saudifal Co. Ltd, the leader in Control AND Instrumentation, operates. Right now, we’re looking for people who think big and dream big: people a lot like you. If you’re ready to discover just how far your talents and skills can take you and if you’re seeking to make an impact on the world of tomorrow while ensuring a bright future for yourself, SaudiFal might be the place for you. With us you don't just make a living; you make a difference.

Enjoy the stability of being part of a well-managed Group of Companies (FAL Group) covering a wide spectrum of interests both locally and overseas. Since many international companies entered into agreements with Saudi Fal to represent and enhance their activities in the Kingdom, we strive to continuously improve our performance and capabilities and to earn and keep our place among pioneering companies.

Our industry-leading measurement and analytical instruments, control devices, systems and software combine with a broad range of engineering and optimizational services (plus a reputation for innovation and customer service) have made SAUDIFAL the logical choice for thousands of Companies throughout the Saudi Market.


We are a Saudi Company and our objective is to work within the local economy. We also seek to increase the Saudization ratio in Saudifal by recruiting talented Saudi employees while managing the process and coordinating work so that both can interact as efficiently as possible. We not only will meet but increase the Saudi government target because this is the right thing to do for our country and people.

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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.

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